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December/January 2005 • Volume 22/Number 6

International Computer Works, Inc. Develops GeoPointsSQL for Use in Public Safety.

International Computer Works, Inc. (Temple Terrace, FL) has developed GeoPointsSQL for use in public safety, available for immediate delivery.

GeoPointsSQL consists of a set of tools for deployment in a multi-user environment for the creation of a geographic database of discrete locations, including attribute data for each location. This database can be used as a component in the larger solution, providing emergency dispatch services in conjunction with the FCC’s rules for Phase II Wireless carriers’ requirement to provide more precise ALI content.

GeoPointsSQL captures X and Y coordinates (optional Z) for each discrete location. This X
and Y coordinate pair offers the potential to report the closest address to incoming wireless calls transmitting an X and Y coordinate pair from the call’s origin. Dispatch can take advantage of an address to which emergency responders can be directed, as opposed to alternate methods that require more sophisticated and expensive technology.

Two modules are included with GeoPointsSQL. The first is for the administrator and the second is designed for the land technician. Both the GeoPointsSQL admin and the GeoPointsSQL land tech modules require the installation of MapInfo Professional and MapInfo Spatial Ware for SQL. Both modules operate as add-ons to MapInfo Professional and are accessible as pull-down menus from the main menu bar.

For more information on International Computer Works, Inc. call (813) 988-0434 or visit the web site www.icwmaps.com.

Published in the December/January 2005 Issue of Emergency Number Professional Magazine, TECHNOLOGY REVIEWS Section, page 58.