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GIS System for Wyoming County Clerks

Temple Terace, Fl., May 2, 1996 -- International Computer Works, Inc. (ICW) has been selected by the State of Wyoming Secretary of State, Diana Ohman in conjuction with the Department of Administration and Information - Computer Technology Division to provide the ICW TMT TIGER Update Edition suite of software for use in the "GIS System for Wyoming County Clerks" project.

As stated in the Request For Proposal issued by Secretary of State Ohman, "The main purpose of the County Clerk GIS is to maintain the TIGER 95 data from the US Bureau of the Census through the year 2002 in preparation for the 2000 Census, TIGER 2000 and Reapportionment for the State of Wyoming in the year 2002. The desire of the State is to have each county update and maintain the data and then have it centrally collected so that one contact point can then work with the Census Bureau to send the data back and forth between the State and the Census Bureau."

The Secretary of State is funding the deployment of the products, training, and support to each of the 23 counties throughout the State of Wyoming. The products included for each site consist of a Compaq 5120 PC with a 17" monitor, Windows, MapInfo for Windows, and the TMT TIGER Update Edition suite of software (TMT TIGER Update, MapEdit ToolKit, and the MapInfo to TIGER Translator).

The "GIS System for Wyoming County Clerks" project represents the first project of its kind to be sponsored and coordinated at the State level by any state in the US. This effort sets a precedent and will serve as an excellent model for other states.

ICW first shipped TMT in quarter one of 1992. MapInfo Corporation was the first customer. TMT has evolved to be the most robust TIGER translator available capable of translating the '92 and '94 TIGER/Line Files. The ICW TMT TIGER Update Edition suite of software consists of three modules; the TMT TIGER Update Edition, the MapEdit ToolKit, and the MapInfo to TIGER Translator.

International Computer Works, Inc., Temple Terrace, FL was founded in 1988 and is the worldwide leader in TIGER to MapInfo software. "Even our competitors admit TMT is the most robust TIGER translator available, the output of which can be imported to Genamap, ArcView, Atlas GIS, Caliper products, and of course MapInfo," said Ken Tozier CEO and founder of ICW.

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