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Hillsborough County, Florida 9-1-1 Administation Selects GeoPointsSQL© Developed by International Computer Works using MapInfo Professional and Microsoft SQL Server

GeoPoinstSQL Enables E-911 Street Naming and Addressing Land Technicians to build a table of discrete points for each addressable structure in the county.

Troy, NY and Temple Terrace, FL—November 3, 2003—MapInfo Corporation daq: MAPS) and International Computer Works, Inc. (ICW) today announced that its technology has been selected by the joint initiative of the Hillsborough County, Florida 9-1-1 Administration and Sheriff’s Office for GeoPointsSQL© designed as a multi-user GIS-based application with which to construct a county-wide database of addressable structures.

ICW’s GeoPointsSQL, which is powered by MapInfo Professional, MapInfo’s flagship desktop mapping product and Microsoft’s SQL Server, provides the tools necessary to create and maintain a database which will serve multiple agencies. Janet Hollingshead from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said, ”We are looking forward to the use of an address point file created in GeoPointsSQL for deployment with our Computer Aided Dispatch System to assist in responding to emergency calls for service. Having a database that provides X,Y coordinates of a location will also help us locate calls received from cell phones. The accuracy this database can bring to the emergency responders will be great.”

Ira Pyles, Operations Manager for the Hillsborough County 9-1-1 Administration said, ”The database that we build with GeoPointsSQL will be a valuable resource for numerous agencies in our county ranging from Emergency Management to the School District.” Pyles continued, ”Whether you are responding to a man made or natural disaster that threatens the lives and property of citizens or attempting to identify the residential location for ballot selection of a registered voter, the GeoPointsSQL database will provide immeasurable service.”

“As the manager of the Land Technicians who work with these tools to build the actual database, the GeoPointsSQL application in conjunction with MapInfo Professional will provide the ease-of-use and reliability in data production and maintenance that we have been seeking. At the end of the day these features will make this project worthwhile,” offered Kevin Howe, Senior Manager Streets and Addressing Unit.

ICW first introduced GeoPointsSQL in October of 2003 with an award resulting in the collaborative efforts of the Hillsborough County 9-1-1 Administration and Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

About International Computer Works, Inc.
International Computer Works, Inc. (ICW) is principally committed to the delivery of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The company provides customers with GIS consulting support, conversion services, software, training, and post sales support. The focus is on the delivery of GIS based solutions to private and public sector organizations. To learn more, visit the International Computer Works Website at www.icwmaps.com.

About MapInfo
MapInfo Corporation is a global software company that integrates software, data and services to help customers realize greater value from location-based information and drive more insightful decisions. MapInfo solutions are available in 20 languages through a network of strategic partners and distribution channels in 60 countries. Headquartered in Troy, NY, MapInfo Corporation is on the World Wide Web at www.mapinfo.com.

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