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Ken Tozier, GISP, CEO was selected as the Opening Speaker at the 2006 Annual GIS Conference Hosted by the County Engineers Association of Ohio. The event was conducted at the Marriot North property in Columbus, OH and ran from Wednesday September 20 thru Friday September 22.

2006 Ohio GIS Conference Abstracts/Biographies
Theme: Coordination, Collaboration, Partnership

Wednesday, September 20, 2006 Columbus, OH


Opening Speaker --
GIS and Maximizing Return on Investment

Ken Tozier, CEO, International Computer Works, Inc.

ROI on GIS occurs when GIS data feeds traditionally non-GIS areas of public service applications. Examples include the interoperability with voter registration systems. Success includes incorporating the correct blend of data from disparate sources, meeting needs of the office. Once completed, how does one publish maps for public consumption and education?

Ken Tozier, MBA; GISP is the founder and CEO of International Computer Works, Inc.(ICW), Vice President of Elections Solutions, Inc., President of KET, Corporation, and a member of the Porsche Club of America National DE Instructor Corps. Ken has been involved in analyzing diverse organizational requirements in both the public and private sector for the duration of his professional career.

As the CEO of ICW founded in 1988, Ken has been responsible for the development of software for use with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) ranging from translators for TIGER/Line Files, DLG-3 and other types of Federal data to the creation of GeoChoice™, used for school choice/open choice. ICW initiated the development of the GeoElections™ software in 1997 designed to work with the TIGER Update Software (TIGERUS©) first developed for an award ICW received from the Secretary of State of Wyoming. TIGERUS© is now installed in school districts, planning departments, emergency responders and elections offices across the country.

Today Ken is going to talk about some of the practical issues involved in maximizing your return on investment with GIS, pointing out application areas you may have overlooked. He has examples of applications that have leveraged GIS data in the areas of elections, schools, and 911. In the process you will see the potential for interagency cooperation and coordination at several levels resulting in economies of scale to the benefit of your mission and communities.

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