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Product Specification (PDF File)

Real-Time Mapping

Providing the tools to integrate GPS with your applications.

ICWAVL© from International Computer Works, powered by MapX, offers real-time mapping for both in vehicle navigation and field data acquisition. Designed for ease-of-use and sophistication to leverage investments made in existing applications. Manage display layers such as roads, railroads, water, political boundaries, etc. to create a moving map display of local geography. The vehicle that ICWAVL© is tracking remains anchored in the center of the map display while the map data used in the display scrolls using a Global Positioning System (GPS).

ICWAVL© provides an integrated solution for any agency. While ICWAVL© will support many layers of map data, this data can be produced with either GeoAuthor® or TIGERUS©. A major benefit in this design is the consistency of the data that appears in the mobile unit, the desktop GIS mapping workstation and geofiles that are built with GeoBuilder©. Another major advantage of ICWAVL© is the simplicity and ergonomics of the design consistent with the demands of an in vehicle mapping system.

View the additional details about ICWAVL© published in our Product Specification (PDF File) or call for more information.