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Version 8.0 2nd Edition
USDMA now available.
Based upon the 2006 2nd Edition
TIGER/Line Files

ICW publishes data products including the US Digital Map Atlas (USDMA) and the Florida Digital Map Atlas (FDMA). These products meet the needs of clients who require economically priced high quality digital geography for use in day-to-day desktop mapping.


  MapManager is designed to streamline data access and creation while working with the ICW US Digital Map Atlas (USDMA). The USDMA is distributed on 8 CDs and represents over 20GBs of map data covering fifty states, DC and Puerto Rico. More
  International Computer Works, Inc. (ICW) presents the affordable map library of the United States Of America, The ICW US Digital Map Atlas. The USDMA is available for use with desktop mapping and GIS products from MapInfo Corporation. More 
  The FLDMA is the single best source of data in MapInfo format for the State of Florida. There are six primary themes or sources from which these digital maps have been gathered for inclusion in this publication. More