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Reconcile ambiguous addresses with the five digit ZIP Code in your street maps.

Geocoding street based addresses that contain five digit ZIP Codes can now be completed in MapInfo with your own street data using the left ZIP and right ZIP as attributes of the street segments. No more five digit ZIP Code polygons required.

GeoCode from International Computer Works, Inc. (ICW) is an add on application module that works with street maps that include the left and right five digit ZIP Code along with the traditional address information for each segment.

The interface for GeoCode was designed to be intuitive with a simple point and click capability to define the file to be geocoded as “Records” and the map file as the “Search” file.

The user has the option of using the MapInfo abbreviation file through the “Using .ABB” check box.

Additionally, the symbol style can be set through the standard MapInfo Symbol Style interface.

Road files created with TIGERUS© or the ICW Universal TIGER Translator© (UTT©) contain all of the attributes to maximize the effectiveness of the features in GeoCode.

Upon completion, GeoCode reports the elapsed time and other key statistics about the results of the geocoding process. GeoCode is used in the ICW schools and elections products.

GeoCode is available today to solve geocoding problems through leveraging your existing investment in street data. Map your geocoded records without dependence upon five digit ZIP Code polygons and improve upon your geocoding accuracy.