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ICW Lookup

Combine the power of a comprehensive map with ease of accessing the information it contains.

Let LookUp help your information desk use the power of MapInfo.

LookUp from International Computer Works, Inc. (ICW) provides the end-user with an easy-to-use interface which automates access to information about the location of a point of interest. The information available to the user can include such things as the school of attendance, zip code, sales territory, zone, grid, etc. The information available to the user is only limited to the boundary layers available on the system.

Lookup was developed in MapBasic and operates within the MapInfo environment. As a MapBasic application, Lookup appears on the MapInfo menu bar as a native menu option within MapInfo. This flexibility has allowed International Computer Works, Inc. (ICW) the ability to integrate the Lookup as a seamless application to compliment the power of MapInfo for use at the information desk.

LookUp maintains a table composed of records containing the data entered into the LookUp dialog box. Each record is date stamped and geocoded for subsequent use.

After LookUp identifies the location of a point of interest, the user may select the point with the Info Tool. Boundary information can be accessed from the resulting list box. This information can pertain to sales territories, zip codes, school zones, transportation routes, flood zones, parcel data, etc.

This illustration contains the primary dialog box for LookUp. The user enters the data available, selects the boundary with which to refine the search, optionally specifies the symbol with which to identify the record, and selects the LookUp button. The address data will be entered into the data base, the address located, and ready the area information ready of inquiry with the Info Tool.