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Microsoft Certified Partner

International Computer Works, Inc. Awarded Microsoft Certified Parnter

International Computer Works, Inc. (ICW), a leader in the delivery of map based solutions for diverse clients in both the private and public sectors, has been a Microsoft Certified Partner since June, 2004 since first earning the certified status in Microsoft Corp.'s Partner Program recognizing ICW’s expertise and total impact in the technology marketplace. As a Certified Partner, ICW has demonstrated expertise with Microsoft technologies and a proven ability to meet customer needs. Microsoft Certified Partners receive a rich set of benefits including access, training, and support that give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The Microsoft Partner Program was launched in December 2003 and represents Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to the success of partners worldwide. The Microsoft Partner Program offers a single, integrated partnering framework that recognizes partner expertise, rewards partners for the total impact they have in the technology marketplace, and delivers more value to help their business be successful.

The Microsoft Partner Program has been designed to recognize a partner’s present investment in and contribution to delivering Microsoft-based solutions. It's a program that focuses on the partner’s ability to serve your customers and drive their business success, while developing their technology skills related to Microsoft solutions. The program's flexibility will help respond even more effectively to our partner’s customers' needs.

The worldwide Microsoft Partner Program is for technology companies that use Microsoft software for building and distributing software or hardware solutions or as the building blocks for value-added services.