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Product Specification (PDF File)

Leverage the work of raster registration performed in the ESRI environment for use in MapInfo Professional with the ICW TFWtoTAB utility.

TFWtoTAB.mbx is an application designed to create MapInfo Professional TAB files from the World Files (TFW) used with ESRI products. While TFW files are used to register raster images for use within the ESRI product line, TAB files are used within MapInfo Professional from MapInfo Corporation to register raster images.

Both the TFW and the TAB are ASCII text files. They can be opened in any text editor or word processor and act as scripts for the respective mapping software with which they are used.

TFWtoTAB can be used to build a single TAB file or many TAB files from one or more TFW files at one time. TFWtoTAB provides the end-user with an easy-to-use interface, which automates and streamlines the process of file creation.

Essentially, the user specifies the TFW file or files to be used by the TFWtoTAB utility, defines a few parameters and the location for the output and depresses the OK button to initiate the process.

Multiple raster file formats are supported by TFWtoTAB. The user may specify the Select File Type pop-down pick list to choose the file type of the raster image or images for which the TAB file or files will be created.

The Select Dimension specification permits the user to define the pixel width and height of the raster image.

The Select Projection pop-down pick list provides the user with a list of state plane and UTM projections from which to choose in order to define the projection that will be used by MapInfo. The first projection contained in the pick list is the Alabama 01101, Eastern Zone (1983, US Survey Feet).

Make you data portable across platforms. Use the ICW TFWtoTAB utility and leverage the investment in raster imagery registered for use in an ESRI environment and package it for use with both ESRI and MapInfo products.