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Product Specification (PDF File)

We empower the people who manage the school choice process.

TIGERUS©, GeoSchools© and GeoChoice®, powered by MapInfo Professional, bring the ease-of-use offered by Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to those who manage the school choice process.

ICW brings you a GIS solution designed for school choice while offering the ability to integrate with existing GIS and interoperate with existing school management systems.

Multi-User With Security

Solutions based upon tried and true methods and tools, proven with end-user success represent the basis of the application we want to introduce into your office. Capabilities such as:

  • Multi-user with three levels of access and progressive functionality.
  • Parameter driven to allow adaptability for districts with varying needs.
  • Uses a street dictionary derived from the GIS to pre-edit data entry.
  • Wait list management and lottery pool maintenance alternatives.
  • Student records and Choice status available for telephone response.
  • District, Zone and Geographic maps including but not limited to:
• Elementary School Boundaries
• Middle School Boundaries
• High School Boundaries
• Walk Zones
• Attendance Districts
• Urban Geography
• Suburban Geography
• Rural Geography
• Zoned or Open Choice Regions
• Priority Zones

Easy-to-use Mapping

Designed for ease-of-use and parameter driven flexibility, GeoChoice® as a multi-user application offers three levels of user access managed by the Administrator. Each level has increasing functionality including data-entry, report generation, parameter control and access to student information including web access for parental inquiries.

Integrated Data Sets

Pupil Assignment Before and After GeoChoice®:

1. Do not offer School Choice. 1. Open GeoSchools© and TIGERUS©.
2. Attempt to conduct choice manually. 2. GeoCode your students.
3. Solicit the assistance of the PTA. 3. Define your geographic areas.
4. Request your MIS Department to develop a choice program. 4. Set up your project in GeoChoice®.
5. Purchase a legacy application from? 5. Import the Dictionary and Students into GeoChoice® then set your parameters.
6. Struggle to train your staff and the attending households to accept your approach. 6. Have Clerks 1 and 2 enter the applications for choice
7. Do the best you can and purchase GeoChoice® from International Computer Works, Inc. 7. Run choice and send out your offers.
    8. Maintain either an applicant pool and or a wait list.

Reporting and Analysis

Following is a list of the items on the pull down menu for the Administrator. Included is an illustration of the pull down menu and a brief overview of the functionality for each option.

1. File

Is the first pull down menu option from the GeoChoice® main menu.

From this pull down the Administrator may execute the Create Project function, which will be performed for each academic year. All users may access the Open Project function which will open the project designated through the Setup>Project command sequence by the Administrator. The Export Choice function will save a copy of the choice students table to a location specified by the Administrator.
The Printer Setup and Print functions assist the user in managing printing tasks.
The Exit function closes the GeoChoice® application.

2. Edit

Provides the Administrator with access to discrete functions contained in the Edit pull down menu.

Access to a single record for editing can be accomplished through the Record option. The Import Dictionary function permits the Administrator the ability to bring in a new dictionary generated from the GeoSchools application. The Import Students function updates the student database with the most current listing of students in the district database.

3. Report

Provides the Administrator with a list of standard reports that can be selected from the pull down menu option.

4. Parameters

Represents the key feature of GeoChoice® to meet the divergent needs of communities over time. The expanded pull down menu for Parameters is illustrated below.

The ZIP5, City and Country options provide an interface for building a list of 5 digit ZIP Codes, Cities and Countries that will be used during the data entry process. The School Profiles and Student Profiles present the Administrator with the functionality to define lists used during data entry, variables used to assign points to a choice candidate’s score and other values that are used to allocate attendance offers to candidates.

5. Setup

Through the menu options contained in the Setup pull down menu the Administrator can control user names and privileges for each of the three categories of application user (i.e. Clerk1, Clerk2 and Administrator). Additionally, the Administrator can point all of the users to the current project.

6. Help

From the Help menu the user can access the About function illustrated in Figure 9. The About option contains information pertaining to the currently installed version of GeoChoice®.